Design and production of equipment for hoisting applications and moving suspended loads. Specific solutions for the handling of sheet metal, piping, round items, profiles, skids, concrete, marble, stone, composite panels, logs … In addition to our standard production, Finat offers tailored solutions to Customer specifications also thanks to our availability to perform on-site assessments and consultancy on specific requirements. Renowned for its experience in the sector, Finat assures uncompromised reliability and safety. In compliance with current regulations, all hoisting equipment is supplied complete with CE Certification together with use and maintenance manuals.

Vertical / horizontal hoisting clamps

Horizontal hoisting clamp



Round clamps

Block clamps

Panel clamps

Concrete clamps

Drum clamps

Hoisting beams

Electric hoists

Manual hoists

Through-rope winches


Magnetic lifters and permanent magnets

Roller skids

Hoisting slings and ratchet anchors

Chain tie-rods

Hoisting accessories

Spare parts